Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment in Toronto

Your gums are very important. Your gum health can dictate your overall health. Enough studies have shown links between gum disease and heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other systemic diseases, that we at H & M Dental, are convinced – It is time to take your gums seriously!

What Is Gum Disease?

Gum disease (otherwise known as periodontal disease) is caused when bacteria collects between your teeth and gums. The bacteria causes inflammation of the soft tissue (gums), and if not effectively treated, the diseased gums can cause the jaw bone to deteriorate. As mentioned above, there are compelling studies also linking this bacteria to other systemic diseases. Researchers are actively trying to identify the cause of the links, but causation is likely due to the specific bacteria moving from the mouth to other parts of the body.   

How Do You Know if You Have Gum Disease?

Many people have gum disease and don’t know it. Often, symptoms are not obvious to the patient until the gum disease has advanced. Warning signs of gum disease include:
• Red and or puffy (swollen) gums
• Gums that bleed easily while brushing or eating
• Receding gums
• Loosened teeth
• Mouth sores
• Bad breath that persists
• An altered bite

Although it may be difficult for patients to know if they have gum disease, Dr. Ben Ghotbi can easily identify gum disease during a regular dental exam in our downtown Toronto dental office.

How Can Gum Disease Be Prevented?

A lot can be done to prevent gum disease, but some people are more genetically prone to it than others. Basic good oral hygiene is your best defense so remember to brush after meals, floss at least once a day and rinse with mouthwash to help break down and remove plaque every night. On top of that, make dental cleaning appointments every six months to let the team at H & M Dental rid your teeth of any tartar that you can’t get rid of on your own.

How is Gum Disease Treated?

Toronto dentist, Dr. Ghotbi and his hygienists treat gum disease by giving patients an enhanced teeth cleaning, called scaling and root planing. During this non-surgical periodontal procedure, the root surface is cleaned by gently removing tartar and plaque from the pockets separating the gums from the tooth. Often, the patient is also treated with an antibiotic to continue the body’s defense against the bacteria causing the inflammation. This procedure has a high success rate, and most patients need only regular maintenance teeth cleanings to keep from having a gum disease relapse. Occasionally, if the gum disease has been left untreated for a long period, the patient may need to pursue more aggressive treatment such as pocket reduction surgery.

Got Questions About Gum Disease?

If you live or work in the Downtown Toronto area and think you may have gum disease or are in need of a dental exam or teeth cleaning, give us a call at H & M Dental and Associates. Our team of caring dental professionals are ready to help you achieve good oral health.


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