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Meet Dr. Benjamin Ghotbi - Local Toronto Family Dentist - H & M Dental & Associates

Benjamin Ghotbi

Dr. Benjamin Ghotbi, affectionately referred to by his patients as Dr. Ben, is a highly-respected dental practitioner who has successfully operated multiple practices both nationally and internationally for more than 20 years.

A graduate of the prestigious Dalhousie University School of Dentistry, and the 2010 winner of Quintessence award for Clinical excellence in Periodontal Surgery, he is a firm believer and advocate of ongoing education programs that improve the skills and proficiency of care, dental professionals provide to their patients.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Ben has immersed himself in numerous patient care programs and different educational programs, all tailored to improving and enhancing the level of service to his patients, and the overall improvement of the various dental practices he has operated.

He is also affiliated with and holding a fellowship with the esteemed International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

Dr. Ben is an in-demand lecturer and public speaker, specializing in the fields of patient and practice management.

He is also a firm believer of preventive dentistry. He has spent a vast amount of time focusing on how to prevent further damage to teeth and how to make sure they will be functional for literally a lifetime.

Dr. Ben is well-known for focusing on cosmetic dentistry and dental rehabilitation using dental implants to obtain superior functionality, as well as ultimate esthetic results.

He is also the proud father of a daughter, Dina, who was welcomed into the family in 2010 by himself and his wife, Dr. Elham Doust.

Dr. Ben is a teacher at heart, and after much encouragement, made the decision after many years as a highly-successful practicing dentist to share his extensive insights, knowledge, and highly-developed expertise in the areas cosmetic dentistry and dental implants.

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