Downtown Toronto Periodontics

Our gums and bone provide the foundation for our teeth, so it’s critical to make sure they’re healthy and strong. At H & M Dental and Associates, Dr. Benjamin Ghotbi and his team are proud to offer comprehensive periodontal care.

Periodontal Disease can cause you to lose teeth, but it can be caught early and treated if you’re careful.

How do you know if you’re suffering from Periodontal Disease (gum disease)? You may have one or several -- of the following symptoms:

•Swollen, puffy and bleeding gums
•Spaces between your teeth
•Tooth sensitivity
•Bad breath
•Loose teeth

You can do your part to prevent gum disease by brushing and flossing every day, visiting us every six months for hygiene appointments, and getting treatment right away if a problem is suspected.
If you need more information about periodontics in downtown Toronto, please contact us today.

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