Downtown Toronto Dental Restorations


Our teeth can be damaged over time from a build-up of plaque and tartar, or they can be chipped or cracked in a split-second accident.

If your teeth are in need of some repair and restoration, here are some of the ways H & M Dental and Associates can help ...

Fillings: When plaque and tartar dissolve the enamel of a tooth and a cavity forms, we can remove the decay, clean the area, and seal the tooth back up.

Crowns: If you have extensive decay to one of your teeth, a crown can encapsulate the tooth to keep it protected.

Inlays: When decay has put the structure of your tooth at risk, an inlay can be custom-made to fill the space in between the cusps of your teeth.

On-lays: Sometimes called “partial crowns,” on-lays are designed to cover a cusp  or multiple cusps in order to maintain the tooth’s structure.

Full ceramic dental bridges: Here at H & M Dental and Associates, we offer full ceramic dental bridges to replace missing teeth in a way that’s natural and attractive. The bridge secures to adjoining teeth, and the ceramic crowns look just like natural teeth.

If you’re concerned that your teeth may be suffering from decay or damage, please contact H & M Dental and Associates immediately to tell us about it.
If you need more information about dental restorations in downtown Toronto, please contact us today.

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